How it works…


Charity Fundraising Auctions works with you to select the auction items best suited to your event and guests.


We supply you with all the information and images for each item selected for your pre-event publicity – which will help you sell even more event tickets.


We produce a full colour bid sheet, a catalogue that illustrates and describes all of the items or we supply the items on an iPad and large screen if electronic bidding is deployed.
Each guest receives one of these at the event.

Silent Auctions

Guests are invited to view the auction items, this can be as few as 10 or as many as 100 items, which are displayed on a stylish, fully illuminated stand at the venue.

Guests complete a bid sheet, the reserves and estimates are detailed on the sheet, once completed they hand these to one of the CFA team members or to the Auction Table adjacent to the display.

At the end of the evening the person submitting the highest bid wins the item. Alternatively all of the items will be displayed on iPads located on the table with which bids can be placed. The leading bidders are then displayed on the iPads and on large screens in the room.

The silent auction is great fun, with guests left wondering whether their bid was good enough to win the item.


Main Auctions

The main auction should last no longer than about thirty minutes and, depending on the types of items to be auctioned, should include between 8 and 15 items.

We supply as many of these items as the organisers wish, normally together with items that they have sourced. Sums raised by the sale of items to the highest bidder, in excess of the reserves, are paid to the charity.

The main auction enhances any event and with it brings anticipation and excitement from the audience as well as raising much needed funds for your charity.


Once payment has been made, either by cheque, cash or credit card – we supply hand-held machines to do this, the item is either taken away at the event or arrangements are made to have it delivered.


All amounts bid over the reserve amount go directly to the charity or other organisation. The only deduction is for a small charge made by the credit card companies for this service.


We manage all the sales receipts, including invoicing and following up payments if required. For those winners who do not wish to take the items home with them, or fail to pay on the night, for whatever reason, we contact them subsequently and once payment has been received, we courier the items to them, at their cost, anywhere in the world.


We send you a fully detailed statement and cheque.

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